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Anabolic steroids are synthetic drugs that can be used in different ways depending on the type. They can be injected intramuscularly, orally, or used as gel. If used medically, they are mostly taken under the skin or gel. Besides, anabolic steroids are not used for medical purposes only. Because they are often preferred by bodybuilders and athletes. Visit our website and buy Turinabol without any customs and problem. The use of anabolic steroids outside the medical goal is a condition that requires attention. Especially steroid abusers may experience severe steroid side effects. So, how should these drugs be used?


Use of anabolic steroids


This method; it involves taking more than one dose for a certain period of time, taking a break and then resuming. Accordingly, users use steroids for 16 weeks. After a few weeks, they do not take low or no steroids. Come and visit us and buy Turinabol without any problems and customs. Particularly, the athletes who know that they will be tested prefer the cyclic use before the competition. In addition, side effects caused by the use of steroids can be reduced. In addition, the reasons why users often insist on using cyclic anabolic steroids are as follows:

Reduce tolerance development

Reduce side effects

Prevent detection of steroid use

To achieve high performance during the competition


Combined use of anabolic steroids


By combining injectable steroids with oral steroids, the use of steroids is called concomitant use. This is often applied to create great effects. However, this may cause serious side effects. In addition, there is no theory that the unified use is effective. According to experts, combined use is not medically applicable. Besides, however, short-acting steroids can be combined with long-acting steroids.


Pyramid usage of anabolic steroids


Another method for the use of anabolic steroids is the use of pyramid. In this method, users begin with low doses. They then gradually increase the dosage until they reach the peak. Then reduce the dose or frequency to zero. This cycle typically takes between 6 and 12 weeks. Users are of the opinion that pyramidal use is effective for adapting the body to use in high doses. However, this method is not supported by scientific research. Come and buy Turinabol with fast and safe delivery. In addition, the use of an overdose of steroids has a considerable loss. One of the most important side effects of this condition, also called steroid abuse, is estrogenic side effects. Steroids can also cause serious side effects on the cardiovascular system, liver and skin. Therefore, overdose should be avoided, regardless of which method is used.

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